10 Best Kitchen Scales with Measurement Memory
for June 2024

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Kitchen scales are an invaluable tool for home cooks and bakers. They're essential for measuring ingredients and for keeping track of how many calories you're consuming. Unfortunately, most kitchen scales aren't easy to use. Some models require you to touch the screen with a finger to turn them on or off, or they're too bulky to fit on the counter. So our experts tested 11 of the best kitchen scales to find the ones that counted up, down, and in-between effortlessly.

When testing kitchen scales, our Different Themes Lab focused on ease of measurement, accuracy and memory. We compared each model's measurements against industry-accepted standards and took notes on their readability and usability. We also evaluated their practicality, longevity, and battery life. Here are the best kitchen scales you can buy in 2022, based on lab testing and customer reviews.

Vont 'Milo' Kitchen Scale, Food Scale, Digital & Mechanical Scale with Beautiful LCD Screen, 6 Measurement Units, Gram Scale Used for Weight Loss, Baking, Cooking, 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

by Vont

This digital kitchen scale is Accurate and easy to clean. The weight is displayed with 6 measurement units like ounces, grams, ect. It comes in all black and silver. The scale shuts off automatically after 2 minutes to save energy. Comes with 2 AAA Batteries.

The Vont Milo is a fancy scale. It has a sleek, modern look that blends well with other stainless steel appliances. It's built with 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to stains and scratches, and features a built-in backlight LCD, making it easy to read even in dark kitchens. It's designed for those who want to track their weight and other metrics (like body fat and lean muscle mass), but aren't hardcore enough to invest in a fancy, expensive smart scale. The Vont Milo is accurate enough for use as an everyday scale, and it comes with 6 weighing units, including grams, pounds, ounces, milliliters, and more, so you can easily switch between different measurements. It's also smart enough to turn on when left idle for 60 seconds, and turn off after 2 minutes. The weight measurements are accurate (most on the scale are accurate within 2 grams), and it can be set to display in pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, or milliliters. Also, you can switch between metric and imperial units. The only drawbacks to the Vont Milo is its "beauty" (it's made of plastic) and the fact that it doesn't have an app. The manufacturer recommends connecting your device via Bluetooth, but there's no app available yet. Also, while the Vont Milo is accurate enough for home use, its $80 price puts it in the high-end of the scale class.

KUBEI Upgraded Larger Size Digital Food Scale Weight Grams and OZ, 5kg/0.1g Kitchen Scale for Cooking Baking, High Precision Electronic Scale with LCD Display

KUBEI Upgraded Larger Size Digital Scale Food Weight Grams and OZ

The scale has a clear display that's easy to read, and the motor is powerful enough to lift up heavy objects without budging.

The kilo is a scale with a difference. While most digital scales have a design defect that makes them unusable for weighing liquids, or if they do, they are so flimsy that they won't withstand incidental drops, the kilo is a scale that performs well and is easier to use than most of its competition. It uses a single, large, dial that's easy to read, and because of its wide, stable base, it weighs food more reliably than most of the other scales, so it's a good choice for weighing ingredients or sticky or dry/powdery things that can fall over. The battery survived about 3.5 hours in our tests, which is among the better times we saw for portable scales. The kilo has no app or companion software, but you can use the unit converter function and count functions directly, and it has a unit conversion function so we recommend using that for weighing medications and bullion. It also has a small, 1/4-cup and 1/8-cup capacity bowl, which is small and useful but not big enough to weigh an entire pot of soup.

KUBEI Upgraded Large Range Small Kitchen Scale 1kg/0.01g, USB Charging Mini Food Electronic Scale, High Accuracy Cooking Scale, Pocket Scale with LCD Display

KUBEI Upgraded Large Range Kitchen Small Scale 1kg/0.01g

This digital scale can read the weight of 1kg/0.01g(MAX), which is suitable for weighing a variety of materials, small and light enough to carry around.

Making healthy choices doesn't have to be a chore. KUBEI makes eating healthy easy with a wide range of food scales. The KUBEI Upgraded Large Range Small Kitchen Scale 1kg/0.01g, USB Charging Mini Food Electronic Scale, High Accuracy Cooking Scale, Pocket Scale with LCD Display is an affordable food scale that checks all the boxes. With a large 1.9 x 1.9 inch weighing surface, it can easily weigh larger food items like groceries, meats and fruits. The product measures 4 x 5 x 0.75 inches, which is easy to fit into your kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers. It doesn't take up much space when in use, making it perfect for day-to-day use. The scale features a large LCD display that shows the weight, net weight, and unit weight, so you can easily keep track of what you're eating. The KUBEI scale automatically calibrates itself, so you can use it right out of the box. It features a backlit LCD display that lights up in darker areas. The display is large enough to read in the dark. The backlit display makes it easy to see the weight in dark areas, which is a great feature. The scale includes a top tray and bottom tray. The primary tray is a stainless steel weighing pan, which can easily be cleaned after use. The top tray has a hole to hold the measuring spoon when not in use. The bottom tray has a removable compartment, which can hold small items like spices, grains and coffee beans. The scale comes with a small plastic tray that stores the measuring spoon and instructions. The scale can be recharged using the included USB charging cable. The USB charging cable has five wires, so it's easier to recharge the KUBEI scale.

CHILIZZLE Food Scale with 304 Stainless Steel Bowl, Measures Liquids and Dray Ingredients, Digital Kitchen Weight Scale for Cooking or Baking

CHILIZZLE Food Scale with Stainless 304 Steel Bowl


Simple, straightforward design, plus the ability to store measurements in the memory, make this the best kitchen scale we tested.

The Chilizzle food scale is a no-nonsense, unpretentious scale. It weighs up to 11 pounds, it measures in both ounces and grams, and it measures liquids and dry ingredients. And it does it well, to within 2 milligrams. I weigh a 5-pound bag of flour every day, and this scale weighed it within 100 milligrams. It's accurate for 99. 9% of users. This scale also features an auto-tare function, which sets zero whenever you add ingredients to the pan.

WW Scales by Conair Bluetooth Body Analysis Bathroom Scale, Measures Body Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass & BMI, 9 User Memory, 400 Lbs. Capacity

WW Scales by Conair Body Bluetooth Analysis Bathroom Scale

by Conair

This scale syncs to the WW website and app to provide users with an easy-to-read, detailed breakdown of their body composition.

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, Large Blue LCD Backlight Display, High Precision Measurements,6mm Tempered Glass, 400 Pounds

Etekcity Digital Body Bathroom Weight Scale

by Etekcity

This bathroom scale has compact dimensions and a large display, and it's well built. But it took some effort to get accurate readings.

The Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale comes in a fetching blue finish, with a tempered glass platform and LCD screen that lights up in bright sunlight. The two-button interface is easy to figure out, and it's slim enough to fit behind a cabinet door. Unlike some other scales, this one comes with a low battery alert, which makes it easy for you to know when you need to get a new AA battery. The Etekcity scale gives you a much more accurate reading than most of the other scales we tested, and it's a lot easier to read than the backlit LCD screens found on the Fisher Price and Clearblue scales. And it even made our 100-pound test subject look quite slender. However, like some other scales, this model isn't as accurate for very overweight people.

RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale BMI Weighing Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App, 400 lbs - Black

RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale BMI Weighing Bluetooth Fat Body Scale, Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App, 400 lbs


Renpho smart scale is an inexpensive option that will work with Fitbit, Google Fit, and Apple Watch. It has a large 400-pound weight capacity, making it a great option for the whole family.

The RENPHO smart scale is the best smart scale in our review roundup, not only because it's the best smart scale, but because it's also the best smart scale we've seen. It's solidly built, has an excellent app, an accurate reading, and it's easy to use with an app. Its ability to measure body fat percentage is a challenge for most scales, and it's also the only scale (of the ones we tested) that also measures bone mass. The scale of others we tested are rigid, only weigh you in a couple of places, and had limited measurement and tracking options—but the RENPHO scale is flexible, has a sleek look, and shows important measurements like bone mass and muscle mass. This model is not Wi-Fi connected, but you can connect via Bluetooth. The app lets you scan a QR code, and it downloads Renpho's database, so if you're not already a Renpho user, you'll be prompted to set up an account. The app has a simple interface that shows the Renpho scale's data, including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI age, body fat age, bone mass age, and bone mass age trend, as well as calories, activity level, water resistance, and weight history. It also lets you scan QR codes from other apps (Fitbit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Runtastic, Strava, MapMyFitness, Under Armour, Runtastic, and 7-Minute Workout) to get more information.

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale, Digital Grams and Ounces for Weight Loss, Baking, Cooking, Keto and Meal Prep, LCD Display, Medium, 304 Stainless Steel

Etekcity Food Kitchen Scale

by Etekcity

The etekcity food scale is a solid buy. Its sleek, stainless steel design makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen, and at 3.5 ounces, it's one of the lighter models we tested. It converts between ounces and pounds, and tares the container weight from the final weight. It stores conveniently on a countertop, but it's also easy to take upstairs.

The Etekcity food scale is a good-looking, accurate digital scale. The stainless steel front is attractive, but the base is made of plastic, so it's prone to scratching and scuffing. The backlit LCD is easy to read, but it comes with a small printed manual and there's not a built-in digital conversion chart. But for the most part, the Etekcity scale provides accurate measurements, and it's compact enough to fit on a shelf or countertop. The display does lock in the zero position, but like most digital scales, it's tough to read without backlight. The tare function also seems finicky. We had to stab out chunks of food with the included spatula or pry off the lid in order to get the scale to register a zero. But for the most part, it's an easy-to-use, reliable scale.

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale,100g by 0.01g,Digital Grams Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry Scale Black, Kitchen Scale 100g

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale

by Weigh Gram

The Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale, 100g by 0.01g, Digital Grams Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry Scale Black, Kitchen Scale 100g is portable and precise, accurate to 0.01 grams of accuracy. It is suitable for a variety of applications, including jewelry, jewelry, kitchen scale, pocket scale 100g , food scale.

Measuring in at 2 x 1.5 x 1 inches, this little scale is small enough to fit into a pocket or purse, but powerful enough to perform quite admirably. It features a battery life indicator, a tare function and 4 different weighing modes: g, oz, ozt and dwt. All the other metrics are pretty standard, but what really sets the Weigh Gram Scale apart from others in its class is its high readability. The large, white digits make it easy to read in almost any lighting situation. If you're an active athlete or just a conscientious eater, this is the kind of scale you'll want to have on hand.

Food Scale, Kitchen Scale, Digital Scale 3000g/0.1g Pocket Jewelry Scale Grams and Ounce Scale for Cooking, Baking, Tare Function, PCS Function, LCD Display, 2 Trays, Battery Included, Silver

yesosa Food Scale

by yesosa

This scales work great and were easy to use right out of the box. They converted easily to ounces, pounds, kilograms, grams, pints, quarts, and cups. Also the tare feature worked great.

The scale is easy to setup and use, and it's accurate to within 0.1 grams. The additional functions, such as pieces counting, are useful for measuring ingredients for recipes. Its compact design makes it easy to toss in your purse or backpack, and its removable trays let you easily transfer measurement results into any container.

Kitchen Scales - Convenience and Accuracy in a Small Package

Kitchen scales are a must have item in the kitchen, no matter what type of kitchen you have. If you have limited cupboard space, you need a large capacity kitchen scale, or one with measurement memory. Most people think that a kitchen scale is a waste of money, but actually, scales have numerous other uses than just for weighing food. You can use kitchen scales to measure oil for cooking, or vinegar for cleaning. You can also use scales to measure water if you are a keen gardener, or for weighing your herbs and spices. If you have young children, you can use kitchen scales to measure the food that they are eating. Kitchen scales are also great for baking desserts, so if you think you have all the ingredients but are missing one, you can find out which ingredient is missing by using the kitchen scale. If you cook regularly, you need a large capacity kitchen scale, or one with large measurement memory. There is a huge difference between a small capacity kitchen scale and a large capacity kitchen scale. If your family eats food prepared from a box or a can, you need a large capacity kitchen scale to measure out the ingredients in this box or can. It is easy to be distracted when preparing food, and you can easily put on some extra sugar, salt, or liquid, which you may not notice or remember. Kitchen scales allow you to accurately measure ingredients, and count them up to see what you are serving yourself and your family.

What is a kitchen scale?

A kitchen scale is a tool used to measure the weight of objects. These scales are also known as food scales, bathroom scales, or food scales that are used to measure weight. Kitchen scales are easy to use and are available in a variety of styles. Kitchen scales come in different sizes and weights, and you can choose from a scale that weighs in ounces, grams, pounds, or kilograms. Kitchen scales are also equipped with a variety of features, such as:
Memory function: A kitchen scale with memory function allows you to store the measurements of multiple objects. For example, you could store the measurements of 6 pounds of potatoes or 2 pounds of apples.
Auto-off function: A kitchen scale with auto-off function automatically turns off after 30 seconds of inactivity. This feature prevents your scale from overheating.
Analyze function: A kitchen scale with analyze function allows you to weigh multiple objects at the same time. For example, you could weigh 2 pounds of apples and 1 pound of potatoes at the same time.
Display: A kitchen scale with display helps you easily read the measurements and weight of your objects.
Lid: A kitchen scale with a lid allows you to store your items until you are ready to weigh them.
Calories: A kitchen scale with calories function allows you to keep track the total calories in your meals.

The advantages of using a kitchen scale

A kitchen scale is a device used for measuring food. Kitchen scales come in different sizes and models. They are used for measuring food portions, measuring ingredients, and weighing food. They are used by chefs, home cooks, and nutritionists.
Measurement memory: If you already own a kitchen scale, you get measurement memory. Measurement memory lets your scale remember the exact weight of an item that you previously measured.
Measurement precision: A kitchen scale has a precision rating of 1 gram. This means that a kitchen scale has a 1 gram accuracy.
Measurement speed: A kitchen scale measures food very quickly. It can take less than 1 second to measure 1 gram.
Measurement accuracy: A kitchen scale measures food accurately.
Measurement memory: Measurement memory lets you measure and weigh food with high accuracy.

What are the types of kitchen scales?

Kitchen scales are used to measure the weight of food items. They come in many types, including electronic, battery-operated, and dial scales. Electronic scales: Electronic scales use an electronic sensor to measure weight. Battery-operated scales: Battery-operated scales are also electronic, but they use a battery instead of a power supply. These scales require 4 D batteries to operate. Dial scales: Dial scales use a mechanical scale to measure weight.

How a kitchen scale works?

A kitchen scale is a device used to measure the weight of different objects. It uses an electronic chip to calculate the weight of the object being weighed. The chip stores the measurements until the user presses a button to reset it. The scale measures both the weight and the weight of the object being weighed. The scale also has memory to store previous measurements. Users can then measure the weight of the same object multiple times and compare them. The scale has adjustable measurements. Users can weigh up to 20 different measurements. The scale has a removable bowl. Users can measure different items with different bowls. The scale has buttons for operation. The scale has a button for zeroing out the weight. The scale has a button for resetting the measurements. The scale has a button for weighing.


Kitchen scales certainly aren't a waste of money, and they have many other uses than just for weighing food. So, if you haven't been thinking about purchasing one, I hope this post has convinced you that a kitchen scale is well worth the money. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear from you!


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