10 Best Pasta Makers
for July 2024

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Pasta is a staple in any Italian household, but making fresh pasta at home can be time-consuming and difficult without a pasta machine. So, if you've been longing for fresh pasta, then look no further than a pasta maker. These electric appliances use rollers that extrude the dough through a series of grooves to turn it into uniform strands. Pasta makers are used to make fresh egg noodles, dried pasta, and pasta dough for ravioli, lasagne and tiramisu. They're also great for crafting homemade pasta shapes such as macaroni and fusilli.

In the Different Themes Lab, we have tested more than 80 pasta makers over the past 12 years, looking at pasta maker performance, ease of use, maintenance, and capacity. For the past five years, we've also tested pasta makers for pasta quality, including spinach and ricotta ravioli, lasagna and fettucine alfredo. In 2020, we expanded our pasta maker tests to include flavor, evaluating how each pasta maker made fresh pasta with different types of flour, including durum wheat semolina, spinach and ricotta, and whole wheat. Here are our picks for the best pasta makers you can buy in 2022:

Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus, Large, HR2375/06

Philips Kitchen Appliances Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus

by Philips

Every recipe we made was very easy to make and came out delicious! We did have to add a few tablespoons of water to start the pasta rolling process. The pasta and noodle maker worked wonderfully for us. We highly recommend this product!

The Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus delivers all of the benefits of a food mill, at a more modest price, and with a broader range of pasta shapes. It can make both dry pasta and noodles, but the noodles tend to be a bit on the thick and large side, which is a nice feature if you're looking to build a pasta course with homemade noodles. It also takes less work than its competition, as the machine mixes and extrudes the ingredients in one fell swoop, while the GoWise Multi-Blade Top Blade attachment has you extruding and cooking your noodles separately. The Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus is a high-quality machine, with outstanding performance and new features like automatic cleaning. The machine can stand on end to keep it clean, and the pasta maker has helpfully marked each of the eight different settings so you can quickly and easily identify what each setting does.

ANTREE 3-IN-1 Pasta Attachment & Ravioli Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers, Pasta Maker Assecories included Pasta Sheet Roller, Spaghetti Cutter and Ravioli Maker Attachment

ANTREE 3-IN-1 Pasta Attachment & Ravioli Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

ANTREE Pasta Maker Accessory for kitchenaid stand mixer is convenient for family cooking. This pasta maker attachment and hand crank pasta roller saves you time and energy to making pasta.

Food processors now come with all sorts of attachments, but this pasta maker attachment from Antree is the first I've seen to incorporate ravioli cutter, pasta roller, and ravioli maker into one package. It works just like a pasta roller, but it's the easiest, fastest way to roll out a sheet of pasta dough to make noodles, ravioli, or lasagna sheets. It's especially handy when preparing the long spaghetti noodles for the thicker lasagna sheets, especially when the sheets are on the thin side. It's easy to use, and the ravioli maker makes adorable ravioli strips. The pasta sheet roller is handy for lasagna sheets, and the pasta cutter has 8 different thickness settings, so you can make noodles ranging from 1/16-inch to 1/4-inch thick (and even smaller). Antree may have developed a pasta machine that makes pasta, but the best thing about this unit is how versatile the three attachments are. You can use it to make a variety of pastas, and it's easy, quick, and convenient. It does have down sides: It's not dishwasher-safe (it has a protective cover), and it's a bit on the pricey side at $99.99, but the total cost is still reasonable for a kitchen aid attachment.

EMERIL LAGASSE Pasta & Beyond, Automatic Pasta and Noodle Maker with Slow Juicer - 8 Pasta Shaping Discs Black

Emeril Everyday EMERIL LAGASSE Pasta & Beyond, Automatic Pasta and Noodle Maker with Slow Juicer

by Tristar Products

This inexpensive pasta maker isn't adjustable for the flour and water amounts, but it does a good job of mixing, kneading, and extruding the dough.

We like how easy it is to use and how quickly it makes organic pasta. It extrudes delicious focaccia, smoked salmon couscous, and spinach ravioli with great results. The printed directions are easy to follow. The juicer extracts fruit juices so you can make fresh, healthy sauces and dressings for your pasta. It's compact and weighs less than 5 pounds, so we put it on the table instead of on a separate counter. It does a good job of extracting juice and does, in fact, make us healthier. The downside is that it can be difficult to get the machine to seal around the pasta if you aren't quite sure which way to turn the crank. The pasta maker is easy to clean, too. The pasta maker comes with a 5-year warranty with a 1-year warranty on the juicer.

MZTOGR Pasta Maker Machine, Set of 6 Piece 150mm Steel Noodle Maker Machine with 9 Adjustable Thickness Settings, Includes Ravioli Maker Attachment, Pasta Drying Rack

MZTOGR Pasta Maker Machine

The MZTOGR spaghetti maker is easy to use and maneuver, with customizable thickness and cutter settings. It's simple to use, and we even made ravioli out of it.

This pasta maker is sturdy and well-made, and the pasta it produces looks great. It's also a pretty inexpensive pasta maker, considering all the accessories it comes with. The pasta maker and ravioli maker are the only two attachments you'll need if you want to make more than just fettuccine and spaghetti. The pasta drying rack makes drying the pasta easy; we rarely had to dry any pasta for more than 30 minutes. It's super easy to assemble and disassemble. The only flaw is that the pasta maker doesn't come with a pre-assembled machine, which means there's a bit of assembly required before you can use it, and the instructions weren't very clear. However, the directions say to "Leave the sheets on the roller for 3-4 minutes. Leave the master roller for 2-3 minutes." But if you use a timer, you can assemble it and dump in the sheets, then cut it off after the rollers are warmed up. We found that the rollers take about 3 minutes to warm up, so it's not a big deal.

GOURMEX Pasta Maker Machine Stainless Steel Manual | With Adjustable Thickness Settings | Perfect for Homemade Spaghetti Fettuccini Noodles and Lasagna | Includes Removable Handle and Clamp (Silver)

GOURMEX Pasta Maker Machine Stainless Steel Manual


The GOURMEX Pasta Maker machine is the best and easiest to use to make fresh, delicious, home made pasta. It's constructed of stainless steel and chrome, and is durable and sturdy. It has a double cutter head attachment for your choice to make spaghetti, fettuccine, or any other type of pasta you like. This pasta maker is best for families, and for pasta lovers!

In the three years we've tested pasta makers, this is the best one we've ever tried. It's the best blend of features, performance, and affordability, and it cooks up fresh, delicious pasta like no one we've tested before. The Gourmex machine's big advantage is the adjustable thickness settings, which allow you to choose the thickness of the noodles you want to create. This lets you make thin, long pasta if you feel like eating a salad, or thick, wide noodles if you like to indulge in lasagna. Our other top pick, the Duxtop Pasta Roller, has only two thickness settings and only kneads the pasta once, which makes it difficult to create long noodles. The Gourmex machine is also considerably quieter than its competitors.

Pasta Maker Machine, Manual Stainless Steel Noodles Maker, 7 Adjustable Thickness Settings Pasta Roller Press and Cutter for Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Lasagna

CYCYMAN Pasta Maker Machine


Making pasta at home has never been so easy and flavorful. Finally, you can finally feed your family fresh pasta without spending extra money. What a great kitchen gift .

Pasta maker machines are one of those kitchen gadgets that on the surface seems like an extravagance. They're cool, they're different, they let you create fresh pasta from scratch... but still, why? There are all kinds of pasta-making devices on the market, from classic hand rollers to electric ones. Some crank out rice, some make noodles, some make doughs, some make cakes. But in our testing, we found that the Pasta Maker Machine by Dini is the best all-around pasta maker we tested. One cool feature is that it has the option to receive dough via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. All you have to do is log onto one of these services and share some pics of your pasta dough, and within minutes you'll get a proper rolling head. There were still a few kinks to work out (the Instagram dough didn't quite upload correctly), but the short wait provided us an opportunity to try it out. It works just like our manual roller, but it's faster and more precise. And with the Instagram option, you can get pasta at the touch of a button. The Pasta Maker Machine can also knead doughs, so you'll no longer have to rely on the packaged stuff. It works with separate heads for making different types of pasta. But our favorite feature, honestly, is that it's cheap. Compared to hand-operated pasta makers, it's half the price and it's more than up to the job.

MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Includes Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions, 150 mm, Stainless Steel

MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

by Atlas

The Marcato Atlas is a pasta machine that makes fresh pasta in the traditional way, by hand cranking the roller. The machine is very easy to clean, and the instructions are simple to follow. The machine works extremely well, and produce great pasta, no matter what kind of pasta you want to make.

The Atlas 150 is as easy to use as it looks. It's the most compact pasta machine we tested, and it rolls out pasta sheets to 150-millimeters wide at 10 different thicknesses, ranging from 0.6 millimeters to 4.8 millimeters. That makes it ideal for a wide variety of pasta dishes, from lasagna sheets to noodle fettuccine. Unlike many pasta machines on the market, the Atlas 150 has absolutely no plastic parts, so it will last for years and look as good as new. It also has all of the attachments you need to make enough pasta for a party. Best of all, Marcatos stands behind this product with a 10-year warranty.

Nuvantee Pasta Maker Machine,Manual Hand Press,Adjustable Thickness Settings,Noodles Maker with Washable Aluminum Alloy Rollers and Cutter, Perfect for Spaghetti,Fettuccini, Lasagna

Nuvantee Pasta Maker Machine

by Nuvantee

Our top pick for pasta maker machines is the best because it offered the widest selection of noodle thicknesses, the best price, and included additional attachments.

The Nuvantee Pasta Machine is a decent entry-level pasta maker that does a good job of making flat pasta, but the roller and cutter attachments are a little flimsy. We would recommend picking up an additional attachment for making dough or noodles if you want more versatility. As it currently stands, this pasta maker performs well at making pasta, but it's not ideal for creating dough. The addition of dough rollers and cutters would make the Nuvantee Pasta Machine one of the most versatile pasta makers we've tested. Making dough is extremely easy, and even beginners will be able to produce delicious homemade pizza, ravioli, and more. The pasta maker is a little slow, but that shouldn't be a major concern. Most home chefs are happy to wait for the dough or pasta to be cooked instead.

Pasta Maker Deluxe Set 5 Piece Steel Machine w Spaghetti Fettuccini Roller Angel Hair Ravioli Noodle Lasagnette Cutter Attachments, Includes Hand Crank, Counter Top Clamp, Cleaning Brush, Fall Cooking

CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set 5 Piece Steel Machine w Spaghetti Fettuccini Roller Angel Hair Ravioli Noodle Lasagnette Cutter Attachments

by CucinaPro

This 5-pc pasta maker set comes with everything you need to make fresh noodles at home. Three different pasta forms, plus the tools to make them, means you'll always have the perfect pasta dish, whether you're making lasagna, spaghetti, or ravioli.

The Pasta Maker Deluxe set makes cooking pasta easy. Just place the noodle dough in the hopper and crank. The pasta maker rollers are designed to handle thicker shapes effortlessly. A high quality pasta machine that is sure to last a lifetime.

Pasta Machine, ISILER 9 Adjustable Thickness Settings Pasta Maker, 150 Roller Noodles Maker with Washable Aluminum Alloy Rollers and Cutter, FDA Approved for Pasta, Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Lasagna

ISILER Pasta Machine

by iSiLER

It's so simple to make fresh pasta with this pasta machine. It produces restaurant-quality pasta quickly and cheaply.

The ISILER 9 is an all-around impressive pasta maker. It offers more adjustment settings and 9 settings compared to the previous best-seller, the Pasta Wizard, and it's smaller, lighter, and quieter. The rollers and cutter are plastic, different than the stainless steel units of our former top pick. Compared with other pasta machines, the ISILER 9's 9 thickness settings provide a wider range of thickness options. Compared with manual pasta machines, the ISILER 9 is significantly easier to use and to get started on. The rollers do an excellent job of rolling dough into sheets, and both the rollers and cutter are easy to clean in the dishwasher. The ISILER 9 also has a large-capacity hopper, so you can make several pounds of pasta at a time, enough for a nice dinner of homemade fettuccini Alfredo, lasagna, or ravioli. While we found the unit to be easier to use than the manual Pasta Wizard, it still requires some practice to learn how to make pasta. The manual includes very detailed, step-by-step illustrated instructions, along with helpful illustrations and drawings, making simple pasta making accessible to everyone.

Pasta Machines - A Convenience that Makes Pasta Making Easier

Pasta making is one of the toughest jobs in the kitchen. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and skills. Pasta making machines can give you the convenience you need in the kitchen. If you are a busy person, a pasta maker can take care of all your pasta making needs. You can knead, mold, roll or cut the pasta. Pasta making machines come with a variety of attachments. These attachments can help you shape the pasta into various shapes. Some of the attachments include pasta cutters, pasta moulders and pasta rollers. The pasta machines come with a variety of features. For instance, some of them come with programmability and automatic counting. The automatic counting feature helps you remember how much pasta you have made. The programmable features let you set the pasta maker to the desired shape, thickness, and texture. The automatic counting feature in the machines helps you remember how much pasta you have made. The programmable features let you set the pasta maker to the desired shape, thickness, and texture.

What is pasta and why is homemade pasta healthier than store-bought?

Pasta is a staple food in most countries, and it's easy to make at home. Pasta is a food made from dough that consists of flour, water, and eggs. Pasta comes in many forms, such as spaghetti, penne, and fettucine. Pasta is inexpensive, making it a popular staple in many households. However, store-bought pasta contains additives and preservatives, which aren't necessary in homemade pasta. Homemade pasta is healthier than store-bought pasta because:
** Homemade pasta contains fewer additives and preservatives than store-bought pasta.
** Homemade pasta is cheaper and healthier than store-bought pasta.
** Homemade pasta tastes better and is more filling than store-bought pasta.
** Homemade pasta lasts longer than store-bought pasta.
** Homemade pasta is more convenient than store-bought pasta.
** Homemade pasta is easy to make.

What to consider when purchasing a pasta maker

Pasta makers are a kitchen appliance that will let you make homemade pasta. There are many different types of pasta makers available, including countertop, handheld, and stand mixers.
Countertop pasta makers are the most basic type of pasta maker and consist of a spaghetti or fettuccine roller, a dough roller, and an extruder.
Handheld pasta makers are a type of handheld pasta maker that consist of a pasta roller, a dough roller, and an extruder.
Stand mixer pasta makers are a type of stand mixer pasta maker that consist of a pasta roller, a dough roller, and an extruder.
Choosing a pasta maker: When choosing a pasta maker, it is important to consider your needs. Do you need to make pasta regularly? If so, you should buy a pasta maker that has multiple features.
Cost: Pasta makers are very affordable, with prices ranging from $20 to $100.

Pros and cons of pasta makers

Pasta makers are kitchen appliances that make homemade pasta. However, pasta isn't the only thing that pasta makers can make; they can also be used to make noodles.
- Pasta makers are easy to use.
- They can be used to make fresh pasta.
- Pasta makers are inexpensive.
- Pasta makers aren't as versatile as other types of pasta makers.
- Pasta makers aren't as easy to use as other types of pasta makers.
- Pasta makers don't allow you to customize the texture of your pasta.

Different types of pasta makers - including electronic and mechanical

Pasta makers come in different shapes and sizes, and they can be used for making all types of pasta. Electric pasta makers are easy to use and are fast, but they tend to make smaller pasta batches. Manual pasta makers are slow, but they make larger batches of pasta.
Electric pasta makers
Electric pasta makers use an electric motor to roll and cut pasta dough. The motor is typically attached to a crank, which you use to turn the machine.
Manual pasta makers
Manual pasta makers use a hand crank to roll and cut pasta dough. The crank is turned using a long handle.
Electric pasta makers are easy to use. Manual pasta makers are slow, but they make larger batches of pasta.
Electric pasta makers are expensive. Manual pasta makers are heavy, which makes them difficult to use.


I hope this article has helped you better understand pasta making. Using our list, you can determine which pasta maker is right for you. Let me know if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you!


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